Capri Designs

Family owned, family operated, family friendly… family is our way of life.  Founded in 2002 and run by three sisters, we operate on the foundation of family and live out our great passion for design.  With a love for testing out unique designs to create something new and exciting, we’ve created an array of remarkable gift offerings in beautifully detailed prints and illustrations.


Among our product offerings, we have great series of bags and cases for everyday use.  Inspired by vintage fashion and nature’s beauty, the bag exteriors feature our wilderness designs with a soft silhouette.  Constructed of Vegan Leather and an open weave Twill Polyester, we’ve created a lightweight product with needed durability for everyday use.  Our stationery designs provided our start in the gift industry, and we’re just as in love with them today as we were when we started!  Whether you’re back to college, outfitting your office, or trying to maintain an organized life, we’ve worked to develop practical solutions with extraordinary design for all of your stationery needs.


We love what we do and hope you do too!  We are so privileged to be able to work with such tremendous designers and incredible customers, and we hope you join us in our journey and enjoy everything we’ve created for you!