Amy Louise Jewelry

I am an artist and a designer with a mission to encourage belief in dreams. I see beauty in simplicity and rustic elements. I intently observe and thoughtfully appreciate the ever-transforming art of nature.

I have spent years developing my design awareness while living in the heart of the Midwest. Life experiences, education and acknowledging the inter-connectedness of us all has led me to the point where I can share my jewelry with you.

Amy Louise Jewelry uses time-worn, textural, earthy elements that feel comfortable to wear. Items can be layered to display your own unique sense of style. Many designs feature a vintage style key which represents the unlocking of a vision.

As imagination and artistry wells within me, I am excited about the many new designs that will be offered through ALJ. I sincerely want to share the vision and ideas with which God has graced me. I hope you enjoy and find your own personal inspiration in the beauty of each piece of ALJ jewelry.


Minimum order $300 to order