Tech Candy/Distill/Trove

At Trove™, we go to pieces over puzzles. 

Our team has worked countless puzzles. So Trove puzzles are infused with all the qualities we know contribute to the most extraordinary puzzle experience. This culmination includes lovingly laser cutting each piece from real wood, designing just the right amount of difficulty to keep the process from being mindless, creating the size and piece count to make the effort mindful, and including whimsical Treasure Pieces in fascinating shapes. Puzzle artisans of the Victorian era crafted puzzles from wood and hand cut them with a jigsaw, making each a true labor of love. Just like Trove puzzles, putting one of these puzzles together was a markedly different experience—the pieces are dropped into place rather than being pressed into place like today’s mass-produced cardboard puzzles. The experience is unlike any other, providing a rewarding *click* with each placed piece.

Huge Apple fans, both April (CEO & Design Diva) and Cherie (COO & Sales Chick) struggled to find acceptable cases for their iPhones. Between the two, hundreds of cases have been bought or researched & ultimately– they all failed the "Am I proud to carry it?" & "Does it protect my phone?" tests. And not just failed. Failed miserably. So the gals set out to build a better mousetrap. Cherie's strategy super mind went to work in researching consumer needs & the competitive landscape to find that existing cases did a less-than-dismal job of being something fresh, cool & fashionable that a trendsetter would want to be spotted with. April was inspired by New York Fashion Week color ways & architectural details to design the first Tech Candy iPhone Case Sets & the fashion police breathed a collective sigh of relief. Later designs were borne from pop culture inspiration. As rabid Tech Candy fans shouted for more, the line grew from a line of Case Sets to the wide collection of techcessories it is today. Tech Candy has been spotted on the arms of celebs and in major publications. Fun stuff. 


Minimum order $120

Reorders $60